Kocaso M1050  vs Apple iPad 3 

Released April, 2012

Kocaso M1050

  • 10.1"
  • 32 GB
  • WiFi 3G
  • Android 4.0
Front view of Kocaso M1050
Released March, 2012

Apple iPad 3

  • 9.7"
  • 64 GB
  • WiFi 3G
  • iOS 6
Front view of Apple iPad 3
At the center of that chip is an ARM-based, dual core SoC clocked to 1GHz, along with a quad-core GPU.
by The Verge (Mar, 2012)

Differences What are the advantages of each

Front view of Kocaso M1050

Reasons to consider the
Kocaso M1050

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Supported card formats microSD vs None Supports supported card formats
Has a microphone jack Yes vs No Somewhat common; Can use an external microphone for superior audio quality
Supports Adobe Flash Yes (Android 4.0) vs No (iOS) Somewhat common; Many games and videos on the Internet require Adobe Flash
Supports face unlock Yes (Android 4.0) vs No (iOS) Somewhat common; bypass PIN entry, easier to unlock with one hand
Has an open source operating system Yes (Android 4.0) vs No (iOS) Somewhat common; Allows you the freedom to use your tablet however you like
Slightly bigger screen 10.1" vs 9.7" Around 5% bigger screen
Faster processor 1.2 GHz vs 1 GHz Around 20% faster processor; run computation-intensive applications, such as photo editing, faster
Front view of Apple iPad 3

Reasons to consider the
Apple iPad 3

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More storage capacity 64 GB vs 32 GB 2x more storage capacity; Holds more music, movies and photos
More cores Dual core vs Single core Twice as many cores; run more applications at once
Has a light sensor Yes vs No Somewhat common; Automatically adjust screen brightness for environmental factors
Has a gyroscope Yes vs No Somewhat common; Play games and use applications that take advantage of device rotation
Much sharper screen 263 ppi vs 117 ppi Around 2.2x sharper PPI; enjoy photo-realistic, crisp images
Much higher resolution 2048 x 1536 vs 1024 x 600 More than 5x higher resolution
Has a GPS Yes vs No Somewhat common; Get directions and navigation, geotag photos
Has a compass Yes vs No Somewhat common; Great for maps and navigation apps

Features Key features of the M1050  vs iPad 3 

screen resolution

1024 x 600
iPad 3
2048 x 1536
Whether it's a simple round of Scrabble or an intense romp through Grand Theft Auto 3, the iPad's combination of Retina Display and quad-core graphics processor add up to a dramatic improvement for gaming.
iPad 3 | by c|net (Mar, 2012)


1 GB
iPad 3
1 GB

CPU Cores

Single core
iPad 3
Dual core
As you might expect, Nvidia’s Tegra 3 (as used in the Transformer Prime) with its four Cortex A9 cores running at up to 1.66GHz, happily stomps all over Apple’s chip when it comes to data processing like number crunching.
iPad 3 | by TrustedReviews (Sep, 2012)

CPU Frequency

1.2 GHz
iPad 3
1 GHz
We will say one thing: it's much easier to cut together a decent-ish film with a better looking screen, and the speed with which the A5X processor is able to keep things running is a plus to us, although the iPad 4 is even more adept at the same trick.
iPad 3 | by TechRadar (Dec, 2012)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


M1050  vs
iPad 3 
Size 10.1" 9.7"
Resolution 1024 x 600 2048 x 1536
PPI 117 ppi 263 ppi


Supports 3G Yes Yes


Cores Single core Dual core
Clock speed 1.2 GHz 1 GHz


Has a GPS No Yes
Has a compass No Yes
Has an accelerometer Yes Yes
Has a gyroscope No Yes
Has a light sensor No Yes


M1050  vs
iPad 3 
Internal storage 32 GB 64 GB
RAM capacity 1 GB 1 GB
Supported card formats
Maximum capacity 128 GB N/A

photo & video

Adobe flash support Yes No


USB support USB 1.1 None
Hdmi support HDMI 1.0 None
Has a headphone jack Yes Yes
Has a microphone jack Yes No
Kocaso M1050
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Apple iPad 3
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