Released July, 2011
  • 8"
  • 4 GB
  • WiFi 3G
  • Android 3.2
The Vizio Tablet VTAB1008 isn't winning any beauty pageants.
by c|net (Aug, 2011)
6.9 Out of 10

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As Android 2.3 tablets go, the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab is still the one to beat, though the prices of Android 3.0 tablets are getting lower every week.

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


The 1,024x768-pixel resolution display is crisp, but its maximum brightness levels are lacking and there are two noticeably poor viewing angles that crop up.
by c|net (Aug, 2011)
Unfortunately, the Vizio Tablet's best features still aren't compelling enough for us to ignore its heft, mediocre speed, and poor viewing angles.
by c|net (Aug, 2011)
Some of this can be minimized by switching off the screen animations under the tablet's settings menu, but the latency never disappears completely.
by c|net (Aug, 2011)


Google's entire mobile app suite is present, including Gmail, Maps, Latitude, Navigation (yes, GPS is built in), Places, Talk, YouTube, and the all-important Google App Market.
by c|net (Aug, 2011)
A customizable selection of favorites can be arranged at the top of the screen while an ever-present dock of core apps (Browser, Market, Email, Gallery, Music) runs across the bottom of the screen.
by c|net (Aug, 2011)
Compared with Samsung's similarly priced 7-inch Galaxy Tab, Vizio's tablet feels like it's taking a breath before launching or closing apps, scrolling Web pages, or even jumping into the settings menu.
by c|net (Aug, 2011)

Operating system

Essentially, Vizio has done away with Android's desktop and plunges you right into your app collection-a philosophy similar to iOS.
by c|net (Aug, 2011)
Like the dock found in Apple's iOS, these apps can be added to, rearranged, and deleted.
by c|net (Aug, 2011)
Though the home screen may not look like it, this tablet is running Android 2.3 with all the trimmings.
by c|net (Aug, 2011)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Size 8"
Technology TN LCD
Resolution 1024 x 768
PPI 160 ppi


  1. 802.11n
  2. 802.11g
  3. 802.11b
Bluetooth Bluetooth
Supports 3G Yes


Cores Single core
Clock speed 1 GHz


Has a GPS Yes
Has a compass No
Has an accelerometer Yes
Has a gyroscope No
Has a light sensor Yes


Internal storage 4 GB
RAM capacity 0.5 GB
Supported card formats microSD
Maximum capacity 128 GB

photo & video

Adobe flash support Yes
Webcam 1 MP
Rear camera None


USB support 1 USB 1.1
Hdmi support 1 HDMI 1.4
Has a headphone jack Yes
Has a microphone jack No

form factor

Weight 544 g
Size 205.7 x 167.6 x 12.2 mm
Thickness 12.2 mm
Battery life 10 hour
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