Toshiba Excite 10 LE

Released February, 2012
  • 10.1"
  • 32 GB
  • WiFi 3G
  • Android 4.0
Priced at $530 with 16GB of storage, or $600 for 32GB, Toshiba evidently feels that its tablet's iPad-besting thickness and weight deserve a slightly higher price than the competition.
by c|net (Mar, 2012)

Features Key features of the Toshiba Excite 10 LE

screen resolution

Excite 10 LE
1280 x 800
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
2560 x 1600
iPad 4
2048 x 1536


Excite 10 LE
1 GB
G Pad 8.3
2 GB

camera resolution

Excite 10 LE
2 MP
iPad 3
0.3 MP
iPad 4
1.2 MP

CPU Cores

Excite 10 LE
Dual core

CPU Frequency

Excite 10 LE
1.2 GHz
G Pad 8.3
1.7 GHz

Reviews Word on the street for the Toshiba Excite 10 LE

Given the Excite's price and the context of other 10-inch Android tablets on the market or on the horizon, Toshiba's tablet isn't offering the best value.

Android may have more games than ever that are able to run on the bigger screen, but that doesn't do the Excite much good, because it just can't handle anything graphically intensive.


6.4 Out of 10

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


It's bright and accurate, viewing angles are excellent, with virtually no discoloration even far off-axis, and while you can definitely make out individual pixels and see some jaggies on small text, it's not enough to be a huge problem unless you're really looking for it.
by The Verge (Mar, 2012)
At 7.7mm, it really is impressively thin, slimmer than any tablet we've seen regardless of screen size.
by The Verge (Mar, 2012)
The Excite doesn't feel cheap — the magnesium alloy body and Gorilla Glass screen are certainly made of high-end materials — but it doesn't feel well-assembled at all.
by The Verge (Mar, 2012)


For some, having the thinnest, lightest 10-inch tablet money can buy is enough to justify the $530 investment.
by c|net (Mar, 2012)
I can't help but imagine the meeting at Toshiba where an executive demanded "the world's thinnest tablet," no matter what.
by The Verge (Mar, 2012)
After a week handling the 1.44-pound new iPad, the 1.2-pound Excite feels like it's in a different weight class.
by c|net (Mar, 2012)


It's also a difference you can see, as the Excite measures just 0.3 inch thick.
by c|net (Mar, 2012)
I remember picking up an iPod touch two years ago and thinking, "I don't know if I'd want something any thinner than this, and this might even be too thin already.
by The Verge (Mar, 2012)
The back of the Excite is covered in a thin sheet of brushed magnesium alloy.
by c|net (Mar, 2012)

Operating System

It's tough to stand out in the world of Android tablets.
by c|net (Mar, 2012)
Toshiba, a company whose first foray into Android tablets was a relative behemoth, is showing the world that its designers can do "thin" better than anyone.
by c|net (Mar, 2012)
10.1-inch, 1280 x 800 displays are relatively standard fare for Android tablets, and the Excite's IPS screen is mostly par for the course.
by The Verge (Mar, 2012)

Operating system

I'm more inclined to believe that promise than most, because of how little customization the company needs to do to the OS — though I can't help but wonder why Toshiba wouldn't just ship the tablet with ICS, since it's not changing much anyway.
by The Verge (Mar, 2012)
Toshiba and SRS Labs added a few software and EQ tweaks that supposedly improve the experience a bit, though I can't say I noticed a huge difference as I changed settings — mediocre speakers are mediocre speakers.
by The Verge (Mar, 2012)
It's running Android 3.2 (Honeycomb), which is a fine OS, but doesn't have the same new-car smell as Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
by c|net (Mar, 2012)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Size 10.1"
Technology TFT LCD
Resolution 1280 x 800
PPI 149 ppi


  1. 802.11n
  2. 802.11g
  3. 802.11b
Bluetooth Bluetooth v2.0
Supports 3G Yes


Cores Dual core
Clock speed 1.2 GHz


Has a GPS Yes
Has a compass Yes
Has an accelerometer Yes
Has a gyroscope Yes
Has a light sensor Yes


Internal storage 32 GB
RAM capacity 1 GB
Supported card formats microSD
Maximum capacity 128 GB

photo & video

Adobe flash support Yes
Webcam 2 MP
Rear camera 2 MP


USB support USB 2.0
Hdmi support HDMI 1.0
Has a headphone jack Yes
Has a microphone jack Yes
Has a built-in microphone Yes

form factor

Weight 540 g
Battery life 8.5 hour
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