Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Released June, 2015
  • 10.1"
  • 32 GB
  • WiFi 3G
  • Android 4.1
The front camera is a cut above most tablet front-facing shooters and delivers better-than-decent still shots and smooth video for conferencing.
by c|net (Jun, 2013)
8.3 Out of 10

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Processing power and speed

Xperia Tablet Z
iPad mini
Passmark and Geekbench


3D and 2D graphics

Xperia Tablet Z
iPad mini
GLBenchmark 2.5

Battery Life

How long will the battery last

Xperia Tablet Z
iPad mini
Battery life


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Xperia Tablet Z
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Xperia Tablet Z
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Benchmarks Real world tests of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z

geekbench Processor and memory performance

Xperia Tablet Z
iPad mini

passmark Processor performance including multiple coresData courtesy Passmark

Xperia Tablet Z
iPad mini

sunspider 0.9.1 benchmark Web browser and javascript performance

Xperia Tablet Z
1,887.5 ms
iPad mini
1,426 ms

BrowserMark How fast does the web browser load pages

Xperia Tablet Z
iPad mini

AnTuTu 3D 3D graphics performance

Xperia Tablet Z
iPad mini

GLBenchmark 2.5 3D graphics performance

Xperia Tablet Z
26 fps
iPad mini
14.9 fps

Reviews Word on the street for the Sony Xperia Tablet Z

It's a much better display than the Xperia Z phone's display for black levels and viewing angles and it beats the higher resolution Nexus 10 for contrast and vibrancy.

The 8-megapixel back camera has been outfitted with Sony's Exmor R technology, which is purported to allow you to take good pictures in low light.

On the tablet, it's an LED-backlit LCD panel, while the Xperia Z phone ships with a TFT display.


8.2 Out of 10

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


The Z's screen does handle color saturation better, however; images are richer and faces in movies look more lifelike than on the Nexus 10, despite its screen's higher pixel count.
by c|net (Jun, 2013)
The auto-brightness works well and keeps things fairly bright, much like recent HTC smartphones and unlike Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets that run too dim on auto-bright.
by MobileTechReview (Jun, 2013)
We spot pixels for fun and can categorically say that this is a super sharp display that we were more than impressed with.
by TechRadar (Aug, 2013)


You can turn widgets into small apps and you can download more small apps from Google Play for free.
by MobileTechReview (Jun, 2013)
Sony's offering is slightly different in that it doesn't offer a music store but a music service.
by TechRadar (Aug, 2013)
Unfortunately, there is one strength Google has that other browsers don't, and that's the ability to sync your bookmarks and web usage across other devices on Chrome.
by TechRadar (Aug, 2013)


The S4 Pro, like the 600, has Adreno 320 graphics and it's an overall very strong performer that's also power efficient for good battery life.
by MobileTechReview (Jun, 2013)
Stamina Mode works similarly to the third party Juice Defender, where it disables the Wi-Fi and 3G radios when the screen is off, then turns them back on immediately when you turn the screen on again.
by TechRadar (Aug, 2013)
It's a mid-range competitor that you'll probably want to charge every day or two, and there are some tablets out there which can boast better performance than that.
by TechRadar (Aug, 2013)

Operating System

We can't overstate how far ahead the design of the Xperia Tablet Z is thanks to the weight... so many Android 10-inch tablets have failed simply because we can't hold them for long enough.
by TechRadar (Aug, 2013)
We had none ourselves and we were using three different brands - none of which were Sony.
by TechRadar (Aug, 2013)
If you're against the iPad for any reason, or even just agnostic over your OS, the Sony has taken the best of Android and fused it with its own innovation to make a device that delights in more ways than we can count.
by TechRadar (Aug, 2013)

Operating system

The software that came as standard on the Xperia Z phone was pretty good - especially the Auto Plus mode, which works out your scene and what you're looking at, and changes the settings all by itself.
by TechRadar (Aug, 2013)
As we noted earlier, we found the OS to be snappy and quick.
by TechRadar (Aug, 2013)
Google's tablet is still the large Android tablet of choice.
by c|net (Jun, 2013)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Size 10.1"
Technology TFT LCD
Resolution 1920 x 1200
PPI 224 ppi


  1. 802.11n
  2. 802.11g
  3. 802.11b
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0
Supports 3G Yes


Cores Quad core
Clock speed 1.5 GHz

form factor

Weight 495 g
Size 167 x 254 x 6.9 mm
Thickness 6.9 mm
Battery life 9.83 hour


Internal storage 32 GB
RAM capacity 2 GB
Supported card formats
  1. SDXC
  2. SDHC
  3. SD
Maximum capacity 2,048 GB

photo & video

Adobe flash support No
Webcam 2.2 MP
Rear camera 8.1 MP


Has a GPS Yes
Has a light sensor Yes
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