Samsung ATIV Tab

Released October, 2012
  • 10.1"
  • 32 GB
  • WiFi
  • Windows 8
Speaking of which, using Office on a tablet feels quite awkward, regardless of Microsoft's efforts to make the software touchscreen friendly.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
8 Out of 10

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Processing power and speed

Passmark, Geekbench, AnTuTu, BrowserMark and Sunspider 0.9.1


3D and 2D graphics

GLBenchmark 2.5 and GLBenchmark 2.7

Battery Life

How long will the battery last

Battery life


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Benchmarks Real world tests of the Samsung ATIV Tab

sunspider 0.9.1 benchmark Web browser and javascript performance

997.3 ms
IdeaPad Yoga
970.3 ms

BrowserMark How fast does the web browser load pages

IdeaPad Yoga

GLBenchmark 2.7 3D graphics performance

3.1 fps
IdeaPad Yoga
43.9 fps
Iconia Tab W500
16.6 fps

GLBenchmark 2.5 3D graphics performance

8.2 fps
IdeaPad Yoga
85.2 fps
Iconia Tab W500
31.9 fps

Reviews Word on the street for the Samsung ATIV Tab

Well, it looks like Windows 8 and it feels like Windows 8, but at the same time, it is quite different.

Samsung's logo is written in fairly small lettering across the middle, while at the top you'll find the main 5 megapixel camera and flash.


6.5 Out of 10

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Pinching outwards on the start screen will make the whole display zoom out and give you an overview of every app that you've got on the start screen.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2013)
In our standard test - setting emails and social networks to send push notifications, turning on Wi-Fi, putting the screen to full brightness and then running a 90 minute video from a fully charged battery, the Samsung Ativ Tab still had an impressive 88% battery left at the end.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2013)
You can access it from an icon on the start screen, and by and large it is a standard Windows desktop, complete with a taskbar, Windows Explorer, a recycle bin and all sorts of tiny icons and lists that aren't particularly touchscreen-friendly.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2013)

Operating System

But as a whole, we welcome the arrival of the Samsung ATIV Tab and Windows RT as the tablet market is in need of alternatives to Android and the iPad.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
For the most part, that hardware combination definitely gets the job done so the interface is buttery smooth, just like the case is with Windows Phone.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
Equally, if you're not sold on Windows RT then both the iPad 4 and premium Android tablets such as the Google Nexus 10 are cheaper but arguably better alternatives.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2013)

Operating system

Due to the unfinished nature of the tablet's software, it is too early to draw a conclusion about IE10's performance, although we can confirm that it runs pretty smoothly on our prototype unit.
by PhoneArena (Sep, 2012)
Samsung has set its sights squarely on the top end of the market, but with competition from other Windows 8 tablets, the iPad 4, Google Nexus 10 and other Android tablets, it's going to take a lot to convince us that it's worth taking the plunge on a Samsung Ativ Tab.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2013)
Compared to Android or iOS it's actually a very limited selection, but it's easy to navigate and there are at least a handful of apps to fill most needs.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2013)


A feature that we are thankful for is the player's ability to retrieve music data, including album art, for music that isn't organized too well.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
Of course there's also an email app, which seemed to have some trouble syncing with our email for some reason, but once it did it worked well, fitting emails to the screen and making it very easy to flip between them, read them and respond.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2013)
You can also buy music or take out a streaming subscription to Xbox music and use that directly from the player.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2013)


After around nine hours of fairly heavy mixed usage - doing everything from playing games, to watching videos, web browsing and listening to music - the battery was still at 35%, and that was with the screen at full brightness much of the time.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2013)
Samsung's Ativ Tab definitely has one of the more impressive battery lives we've seen on a tablet, and it should be more than enough for most users.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2013)
The Samsung Ativ Tab comes with an 8200mAh battery, which on paper is a reasonable size - coming in at just below the 9000mAh Google Nexus 10 and a fair bit higher than the 6000mAh Sony Xperia Tablet S, but well below the 11,560mAh iPad 4.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2013)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Size 10.1"
Technology LCD
Resolution 1366 x 768
PPI 155 ppi


  1. 802.11n
  2. 802.11a
  3. 802.11g
  4. 802.11b
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0
Supports 3G No


Cores Dual core
Clock speed 1.5 GHz


Has a GPS Yes
Has an accelerometer Yes
Has a gyroscope Yes
Has a light sensor Yes


Internal storage 32 GB
RAM capacity 2 GB
Supported card formats microSD
Maximum capacity 128 GB

photo & video

Adobe flash support Yes
Webcam 5 MP
Rear camera 1.9 MP


USB support 1 USB 2.0
Hdmi support 1 HDMI
Has a headphone jack Yes
Has a built-in microphone Yes

form factor

Weight 570 g
Size 265.8 x 168.1 x 8.9 mm
Thickness 8.9 mm
Battery life 8 hour
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