Apple iPad mini

Released November, 2012
  • 7.8"
  • 32 GB
  • WiFi 3G
  • iOS 6
The GeekBench score is what we usually use to tell if any new Apple product is up to much, and you'll be glad to know that it's… exactly as powerful as the iPad 2 and the iPad 3, though not the newer iPad Air or mini 2, which benchmark almost five times faster.
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)
8.1 Out of 10

TabletRocket Review Our evaluation of the Apple iPad mini


Processing power and speed

iPad mini
Nexus 7
Nexus 7 II
Passmark, Geekbench and Sunspider 0.9.1


3D and 2D graphics

iPad mini
Nexus 7
Nexus 7 II
GLBenchmark 2.5 and GLBenchmark 2.7

Battery Life

How long will the battery last

iPad mini
Nexus 7
Battery life


How do our trusted review sites rank these products?

iPad mini
Nexus 7
Reviews from,, and


TabletRocket Score

Performance, Graphics, Battery Life and Reviews

iPad mini
Nexus 7

Benchmarks Real world tests of the Apple iPad mini

geekbench Processor and memory performance

iPad mini
Nexus 7 II

passmark Processor performance including multiple coresData courtesy Passmark

iPad mini
Nexus 7

sunspider 0.9.1 benchmark Web browser and javascript performance

iPad mini
1,426 ms
Nook Color
12,669 ms
iPad 1
3,484 ms

GLBenchmark 2.7 3D graphics performance

iPad mini
3.4 fps
Nexus 7 II
14.6 fps
Nexus 7
12.5 fps

GLBenchmark 2.5 3D graphics performance

iPad mini
14.9 fps
Nexus 7 II
40 fps
Nexus 7
39.8 fps

Reviews Word on the street for the Apple iPad mini

The really impressive feat of the iPad Mini, the surprise, is that it seems to handle all the iPad's normal duties while being shrunken down.

But regardless of market positioning, the iPad mini has to be viewed in a world with a $199 Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD — two strong performers that are a far cry, at least in price, from the iPad mini.

While the display quality is better than that thanks to improved IPS LCD technology, it's still light years behind the Retina display on the bigger iPad Air 2 and the second and third-generation minis.


8.4 Out of 10

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


The gallery app on the iPad mini is as good as it's always been, with the smaller screen size making it very easy to manipulate images, such as being able to crop and enhance what's on offer.
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)
The ability to fine-tune how you slide through the video to get to the section you want, the ease with which you can jump in and out of episodes or movies, and the simple one-touch option to fire the movie out to a bigger screen through AirPlay are all intuitive and impressive.
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)
It's a pretty big issue that plagued the first 'new' iPad, and although the lower-res display of the mini doesn't need as many pixels, the sizes of downloads are still the same.
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)


In reality, the HD quality videos are much more impressive on the iPad mini with Retina display, meaning you'll always be tempted to fork out a little more to get the extra sharpness.
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)
But the Retina display on the mini 3 is unquestionably superior and once you're used to Retina quality the lower resolution of the older screens is very noticeable.
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)
The video experience isn't as good as it could be on the iPad mini because of the screen resolution, but for web video and clips it's excellent, and the speed of loading is more than acceptable.
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)

Network technology

3G has everything under the sun: most LTE bands, DC-HSPA for sub 4G speeds that still impress, GPS and GLONASS for on-the-go mapping (providing you get the courage to do use such a function with Apple Maps).
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)
You can also add 4G cellular, which brings the price up to £299.
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)
If you're someone who has others in the family set up on an Apple device, you'll find yourself using this feature out and about a fair amount, especially if you've picked up the LTE iPad mini.
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)


At 308g it's twice the weight and then some of the iPhone 6, but compared to other tablets on the market (and combined with the aluminium chassis) it feels lightweight in the hand.
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)
This feature is available on the bigger 'Pad, but with the larger size the weight made it hard to hold and type with.
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)
It's just the right size and weight to hold two-handed in landscape mode, and if you're okay with it not feeling as secure in one hand, it's a decent heft to hold with a single set of digits.
by TechRadar (Nov, 2014)


It's thinner than an iPhone 5, and seems proportionally as razor-thin as the new iPod Touch.
by c|net (Oct, 2012)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Size 7.8"
Technology IPS LCD
Resolution 1024 x 768
PPI 163 ppi


  1. 802.11n
  2. 802.11a
  3. 802.11g
  4. 802.11b
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0
Supports 3G Yes


Cores Dual core
Clock speed 1 GHz


Has a GPS Yes
Has a compass Yes
Has an accelerometer Yes
Has a gyroscope Yes
Has a light sensor Yes


Internal storage 32 GB
RAM capacity 0.5 GB
Supported card formats None

photo & video

Adobe flash support No
Webcam 1.2 MP
Rear camera 5 MP


USB support None
Hdmi support None
Has a headphone jack Yes
Has a microphone jack No
Has a built-in microphone Yes

form factor

Weight 308 g
Size 134.7 x 200 x 7.2 mm
Thickness 7.2 mm
Battery life 12.75 hour
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