Windows, Android, or IOS: Which Tablet Should I Buy? Part Two

Recently we published an article detailing some of the pros and cons of Android, IOS, and Windows-based tablets.

If you still haven’t decided, here are a few more points that will help you make an informed choice about which tablet is best for you:


With an Android-based device, you’ll have more choice with regard price point and manufacturer on accessories and peripherals. Since most Android-based devices use a simple USB charging system rather than Apple’s proprietary cord, cords and accessories are pretty universal. Many Android-running tablets also include nifty features like SD expansion slots, which can definitely come in handy.

Buying apps in the Play Store can sometimes be a gamble. Android versions of popular apps sometimes have fewer or different features from their IOS counterparts — and sometimes aren’t available at all.


As with other Apple devices, if you go IOS, you’ll have a limited degree of freedom. There are no USB ports, SD expansion slots, or other inputs, and you’ll be relatively limited (either shell out big bucks for Apple-approved accessories or take your chances with a weird aftermarket accessory) in terms of compatible accessories. This could be a positive or negative depending on your preference.

The battery life of iPads and iPad Minis tends to be pretty impressive. This is definitely a tablet to consider if you’re going to be out and about a lot with limited access to a power supply.


Windows tablets are designed to be used like a small, super portable, touchscreen Windows computer, so there are lots of special cases and accessories that make that as simple to achieve as possible, such as the Microsoft Touch Cover for the Surface RT. These accessories support Windows tablets’ place as a small but powerful computer, rather than a very large phone.

If you’re looking to use your tablet for business, a Windows tablet might be your best bet. If you’re already using programs like Microsoft Office Suite, you’ll be pleased to know they work on a Windows-based tablet. (And actually come with Windows 8 tablets.)

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