What’s the Deal With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

What are the best features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? How does it stack up against competing tablets? Let’s find out. This video from GeekBeat.tv features an unboxing and rundown of the Note 8′s features, as well as some side-by-side comparisons with an iPad Mini.

Here are a few highlights:

It comes in a recycled paper box printed with soy-based inks. This has nothing to do with the product itself, but it’s kind of neat.

The two-amp wall charger is thin and has a USB port on the side rather than the front, which should make it less likely to fall out.

Compared to the iPad mini, the two devices are approximately the same size, but the Note appears to boast a taller but narrower screen.

It’s got a “Smart Screen” feature that’s supposed to detect your eyes and keep the device from turning off or dimming the screen when you’re looking at it. In our personal experience, it works pretty well.

The Back button is on the left side of the screen rather than the right side, where it’s normally located on Android devices. If you’re used to an Android phone, this might be uncomfortable to get used to.

The Note 8′s standout feature is its stylus, called the S-Pen. This little thing is the reason Samsung advertises the Note 8 as a tool for artists and creators. What it lacks in heft and ergonomically correct size, it makes up for in power. The S-Pen is pressure sensitive, which makes it great for drawing and taking notes in your own handwriting. The only drawback is that many apps don’t currently support its functionality, meaning if you want to use it as more than just a substitute for finger-based navigation, you’re fairly limited to a few native apps Samsung has specifically designed for the S-Pen.

(via GeekBeat.tv)

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