Useful iOS Apps for Your Tablet

Got an iPad? Sweet! While you’re getting it all set up, don’t forget about these useful apps:

Scheduling and Automation

Are there certain tasks you find yourself performing over and over and wish you could just automate? If This Then That (IFTTT) is the app for you. IFTTT allows you to take Channels (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Evernote, and so forth) and create Recipes that dictate how they’ll interact with each other.

Want every photo you post to Facebook to be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox? No problem. Need a wakeup call every morning that includes a brief report on today’s weather forecast? Done. Heck, do you want the lights in your house to turn on when you send a text to a certain phone number? IFTTT can do that.

RSS Reading

Are you still mourning the death of Google Reader? While an RSS reader certainly isn’t for everyone, if you are looking for a great one that makes a solid replacement for Google Reader (may it rest in peace), Feedly’s the ticket. It’s got plenty of features and allows for a nice, clean, list-style layout akin to Google Reader’s. If you’re looking for a straightforward RSS Reader that looks great on a tablet and will organize your feed without adding anything to it or giving you any suggestions, check out Feedly.


Yes, we know literally every single one of these “best apps” articles includes Evernote. Is that due to laziness or a feeling of obligation? Perhaps. But it’s also because Evernote is the best. It lets you write, dictate or photograph notes to yourself and organize them. It carries well from desktop to tablet to mobile, ensuring your memory dump will be available no matter where you are. It also integrates really well with IFTTT, if you’re into that. Get Evernote. Just do it.

Video Watching

You’ve got Netflix all set up and almost constantly in use on your TV. But don’t forget about your tablet! Tablets, unlike phones, actually aren’t bad for watching videos. If you’re the type of person who can’t be without your beloved House of Cards even when you’re not sitting down in front of the TV, get the Netflix app for your tablet!

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