Luxuria Superbia Will Make You Touch Your Tablet in Ways You’ve Never Touched It Before

Do you love your new iPad enough to want to take things to the next level? If so,

1. You’re weird.
2. There’s a new game out that appears to have been made just for you.

It’s called Luxuria Superbia, and it’s getting a lot of press for being really… well, sensual. Of course, it’s not explicit, but here are a few snippets of reviews to give you an idea.

From the Verge:

The premise of Luxuria Superbia sounds harmless enough, tasking you with using your fingers to fill a flower with color. But when the words “grip my petals” and “pollinate me” appear on screen, it’s hard not to blush.

From Escapist Magazine:

I really like Luxuria Superbia, even though I can’t quite nail down why – vague shades of Tempest, perhaps? – but the truth is that I’m just not very good at it. Despite reading the rules I have no idea how it works, and it seems like the more I hammer on it, the worse I do. I eventually managed to muddle my way through the first level but I can only last for a few seconds into the second before it’s all over, with nothing to show for my efforts but a stark “Oops” on the screen. I just do not understand what’s going on here.

But boy, it sure does remind of me something. I wish I could figure out what.

From Slate:

Right now I’m concentrating on satisfying my iPad. I’ve learned I have to start gently, with one finger circling the screen, and then add a second, longer caress. It doesn’t like it to be over too quickly.

It’s all gone white-light now. I perceive the tablet to be breathing. Words surface from the afterglow: “Kiss me.” And for some reason, absurdly, I comply. I’m making love—after a kind—to my iPad, and I kind of like it.

I don’t know how to feel about this, you guys.


(via Slate)

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