Is Your Dog Smart Enough to Use an iPad?

If you think iPads for kids are ridiculous, you’re going to love this.

Dog trainers Anna Jane Grossman and Kate Senisi, who run School for the Dogs, are offering private lessons to dog owners who want to teach their canine companions to use a smartphone or iPad.

During these training sessions, the dogs get familiar with the concept of using their noses to operate the devices’ touchscreens. Then, they learn how to use a few simple apps.

One app allows the dogs to touch one of two buttons on the screen to answer a yes or no question. Another offers pups the opportunity to unleash (HEYOOO) their creativity by drawing a picture on the screen. A third turns the entire screen into a camera button so the dogs can snap a self-portrait with a quick tap of the nose.

While it’s not likely you’ll see dogs sending texts or playing games any time soon, people who have enrolled their dogs in the class do say teaching their pups to use an iPad has improved their relationship.

“I saw it as another way for me and [my dog] to interact and bond,” one woman told “I always have my iPhone, it’s easy to just pull out and practice with him.”

Hey, whatever floats your boat.

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