Fox News Brings Giant Tablets Into the Newsroom in Misguided Effort to Be Cutting Edge

In a feeble attempt to appeal to the social media savvy youth of today, what with their viral videums and their Tweeters and their touchamajigs, Fox News has replaced all the computers in its newsroom with giant, hilarious tablets. Behold the cutting edge technology:

First, as a number of commenters on the Verge pointed out, I’m willing to bet that when the cameras aren’t on, BAT doesn’t stand for Big Area Touchscreen (Big Ass Tablet, anyone?).

Secondly, those journalists are going to be dealing with some seriously tired arms in the near future. 55-inch touchscreens? Really?

Thirdly, seriously what is the point of this?! Having a newsroom modeled after my grandma’s idea of what the technologically advanced future looks like doesn’t make sorting through news any more efficient. Having a giant wall covered in photos that can be moved using a knockoff Wiimote doesn’t make the news any more accurate.

We do have one thing to look forward to, however: basically every news program has, at some point, accidentally shown someone in the newsroom looking at something they shouldn’t be, unaware they’re being filmed. This is going to happen to Fox… and the incredible awkwardness of some journalist obliviously browsing porn in the background of a Fox News broadcast is going to be amaaaazing.

(via the Verge)

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