Details and Photos of Sony’s Xperia Z2 Leak

Recently, several sources have leaked details and photos of Sony’s Xperia Z2, its not-yet-announced follow-up to the Tablet Z. From what we can tell, the new tablet is designed along the same lines as the one that came before it, with the addition of a few nifty upgrades. Here’s what we know so far:

Date of Announcement

There’s presently no word on when the Z2 will be officially announced, but BGR predicts it could be during a media event Sony’s holding at MWC 2014.


From BGR:

“According to the leaker, the Xperia Tablet Z2 – or Xperia Z2 tablet as he calls it – will feature a 10.1-inch Triluminos display with 1920 x 1200 resolution, 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, microSD support, 8-megapixel camera, 2-megapixel front-facing camera, 6000mAh battery and Android KitKat under the hood.”


Allegedly, the Xperia Z2 will be 6.4mm thick, as opposed to the 6.9mm thickness of Sony’s previous model, the Xperia Tablet Z. That might not seem like a lot, but when we’re talking in terms of millimeters, every little bit counts.


According to @gadgetleaks, the Wi-Fi version of the Z2 will weigh 426g, and the LTE version will weigh in at 439g. For comparison, the Tablet Z tipped the scales at 495g.


Photos from @gadgetleaks suggest the Z2 will be available in the standard black and white. Nothing special there.

Special features

A @gadgetleaks photo appears to show the Z2 submerged in water which suggests that the Z2 will be fully waterproof, just like its predecessor.

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