4 Reasons to Buy a Tablet

Have you been thinking about taking the plunge and buying a tablet? Although we’d argue having a tablet isn’t strictly necessary, even for the busy or creative professional, it can be a fun toy and a life-enhancing tool if you have the disposable income to justify the purchase.

Here are a few things to consider:

They’re a more richly-featured eReader

There are plenty of reading apps you can download for your tablet that make reading a PDF, ePub, or mobi file a breeze — making a tablet a more richly-featured alternative to an eReader, if you don’t mind the lack of e-ink and can justify the higher price tag. Plus, you get the added benefit of having all the other features a tablet offers, like apps and web browsing. If you’re looking for a portable e-reading device that does more than just display books, a tablet’s the ticket.

They can be a great productivity tool

There are a ton of tablet productivity apps out there designed to help you balance your chequebook, keep track of your appointments, schedule tasks to complete, remember important dates, organize documents and receipts, and so forth. The tablet’s larger screen (and sometimes, stylus or drawing capabilities) make it an ideal digital productivity tool. Whether you use it for the purpose of improving your life and becoming more organized or solely to browse Reddit and play Angry Birds in the bathroom is your choice and your choice alone.

They offer a solid mobile movie-watching experience

Have you ever tried to watch a movie on your phone during your morning commute. Sure, you can do it — heck, you can watch a movie on an iPod Nano if you want to — but is it really worth all the neck-craning, wrist-twisting, eye-straining hassle? Do you really need to get your True Blood fix in the morning that bad?

With a tablet, though, watching movies on the go is actually doable, and dare we say enjoyable. The only downside? Anyone sitting behind you on the train who’s even the slightest bit nosy will now know you watch True Blood. But we guess that’s the price you pay.

Kids love them

Why do kids love tablets? We don’t know, but it’s undeniably true. Maybe it’s because they’re big enough to easily hold with tiny, uncoordinated hands. Maybe it’s because there are a ton of apps for kids that take advantage of the tablet’s superior screen size — and the aforementioned movie-watching ability works for episodes of Barney too. Maybe it’s because ooh shiny pretty colors tablet want to eat Cheerio?

Either way, if you need to keep your kid from having a boredom-induced meltdown in a restaurant, shove a tablet in front of his face and you’ll suddenly understand why buying a tablet was money well-spent.

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